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TPC Special Projects Group (SPG) is a fully integrated service and special projects commercial general contractor.

We are a one-stop-shop that can handle everything from site upgrades to building improvements and have the experience to work around your existing operating facility day or night without any loss to your business.

Our team is highly skilled and has the resources to complete a wide variety of projects for many different owners and is ready to assist you.

We provide the following services: ADA Upgrades, Exterior Facelifts, Relationship 360 °, Healthcare, Maintenance & Repair, Remodels, Tenant Improvements, Senior Living.

ADA Upgrades

The “Americans with Disabilities Act” requires property owners to comply with specific laws pertaining to handicap access and mobility. It could involve re-sloping sidewalks, bathroom upgrades, counter reconfigurations, parking lot striping and signage just to list a few. SPG can be your single-source provider for all of these repairs and upgrades.

Exterior Face Lifts

Customers are always attracted to a clean and modern-looking building.  Upgrading the exterior of your building could be as simple as fresh paint or as extensive as new exterior finishes, sidewalk upgrades, and landscaping. We have done all of these improvements and more and can help you refresh the first thing a customer sees.


SPG is a good fit for your smaller medical project. We can help with your next medical office or clinic remodel, provide general building service and office upgrades. Our team has experience with OSHPOD and the unique requirements of working in a medical office building.

Maintenance & Repairs

Things happen and stuff breaks with your properties. It could be a parking lot issue, an emergency call for a building leak or just routine maintenance that needs to be handled. SPG has the resources to handle it quickly and with an eye for completing the repair efficiently and minimal disruption

Relationship 360°

Our service is exceptional, and we provide 24/7 total care to a group of clients that started with Tilton Pacific Construction and continues with TPC Special Projects Group. We have helped this select group with unique project rollouts, brand upgrades, minor remodels and select service work. It’s a relationship that is based on 360 – degree total care and continues to grow.


Open store remodels require a contractor that understands how to phase the work and maintain operations. It is essential to your business that the work is as non-disruptive as possible to maintain your customer count. Closed store remodels require a well-thought-out plan to complete the work as quickly as possible to get you back in business. SPG has the experience and team to handle both types of projects with an eye on quality and a grip on the cost.

Senior Living

We have completed room turns, minor remodels and facility upgrades. We understand how to carefully work within the community of senior’s living in the different levels of senior housing.  From memory care to independent lining, we can help in all areas of Senior Living.   

Tenant Improvements

The build-out of a commercial real estate space requires a special type of general contractor who understands your needs and pays attention to the details. All projects are different but they all need a well-coordinated team with the flexibility to adjust along the way. At SPG, we listen to you and are experts at solving problems which is the key to delivering a successful tenant improvement project on time and within budget.

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